In the past 50 years, the Toyota Corolla has proven it's self time and time again. The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling cars on the market with over 40 million sold in its long history and it's easy to see why. 

1966 - The Start of Greatness

The first generation of the Toyota Corolla was initially launched in 1966 with the intention of creating a family car that best represented the brand's strides in the realm of technology. Its accommodating design and the extensive list of standard features that didn't yet exist in other family cars on the market quickly made the Corolla one of the most successful vehicles in the industry, hitting the number one spots in worldwide sales within three years of its launch. In its time, the Corolla -- with a name that meant "crown of flowers" -- was unparalleled in terms of comfort, quality, and equipment.
1970-1974 - The Corolla's Here to Stay

However, the 1960s ended, and the 70s swept in with new trends and a newfound emphasis on muscle cars. In order to keep up, Toyota made major changes to the second generation of the Corolla, and in 1970 a more stylish, all-new Corolla debuted with big updates to the performance of the vehicle. Despite this, the Corolla was still more roomy than ever, which helped it remain just as functional and practical to families. By 1974, the Corolla was one of the best selling cars in the world.

1970-1997 - The Corolla Becomes #1

Following generations continued to make major strides for the Corolla. The third generation saw the beginnings of reduced emissions, while the fourth sought to incorporate a luxurious look and feel into the Corolla while still keeping fuel consumption low. By 1997, the Toyota Corolla became the best selling nameplate in the world. It's excessive popularity due to the Corolla's timely updated and best new technology practices. Despite all of the updates, the heart of the Toyota Corolla remained the same; no matter what, its target audience was always families looking for a practical but beautiful and comfortable car. 

2000s-Current - Like a Fine Wine, Some Things Get Better With Time

In 2013, Toyota hit a huge milestone with 40 million Corollas sold. Now, the Toyota Corolla is currently in its eleventh generation and, as of 2016, is celebrating its Golden Anniversary -- the big 5-0. With a number of advances in technology, comfort, performance, and more, the Corolla still continues to be one of the globe's best-selling cars. The team behind the Corolla has managed to keep a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction for the past five decades, making it one of the most beloved and iconic cars in the industry.
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